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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Knotted Rope Coasters

I finally got time to make these coasters over the summer, but haven't got the chance to blog about them until now! I mean, I have an exam on friday, this is a perfect time to blog, right?? ;). 

Knotted Rope Coasters

I got the idea for these from this pin:
And I loved them so much I actually really wanted to buy them. But upon tracing them to the seller, it was like $24 for set of four and as a vet student I just couldn't justify it for something I didn't totally need. Then I had two free weeks of dog sitting, and I thought, "I bet if I tried hard enough I could make those...." 

Well, here they are after hours of cutting ropes, multiple failed attempts at knotting, and several hard ciders. 

What you will need:
- 1/4" thickness rope; I used the one below
- Scissors
- A binder clip
- White thread
- A needle
- A lot of PATIENCE! 

I used cheapo clothesline rope from the Wal-Mart - it was only $3.84 - and everything else, I already had!

Step #1 - Cut and Gather Your Strands
Cut yourself four strands for each coaster. I started off with strands ~2.5 ft in length until I got the hang of the knot and then I went down to 2 feet and still had a bit extra at the end. 

Step #2 - Knot Away!!!

Step #3 - Stitching the Knot Complete
While this is not the most attractive method in the world, it worked for me. I just used simple white thread and stitched the loose ends together. It is going to look messy, but nobody needs to know it's there in the end!!

Step #4 - A few more stitches
In an attempt to make these slightly more durable, I threw stitches in on the back side between the five places where three crosses came together. I totally do not know how to explain that, but see the picture!

Step #5 - Admire your hard work!!

Hope you enjoyed this project!!

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