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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bearded Dragon Hammock

Last spring I made one of these for Fezz using a cheezits box and a towel, hoping it would supply him with some kind of enrichment. He loved it! The old one was looking a little grody, so I thought its a good time for a new one!

Here it is! I know he's not in it, he's too busy giving me the stink eye. Apparently he wanted more than 15 crickets yesterday and is giving me the silent treatment.... 

What You'll Need:
- A cardboard box - cereal, cracker, cheezit, it doesn't matter
- An old towel
- Yarn
- Four beads that will not slip through a standard hole punch hole
- Packing tape
- Scissors
- 2 Suction cups

Step #1: Cut your Box
Cut out one of the panels of your box. If you're using a cereal box you may need to make it shorter depending on the size of your tank. Punch a hole in each corner of the box. 

Step #2: Add Some String
Put a bead on each of four pieces of yarn. I cut mine ~2' but you'll end up shortening them later when you make a knot. I found that a bobby pin helped get the yarn through my beads easier. Once beaded, put a string through each hole so that the bead is on the underside and both ends of the string are coming out toward the top. 

Step #3: Add the Towel
Place your towel over your box on the side without the beads. I just eyed it and snipped a small hole in the towel over the locations of the strings and pulled the yarn through. Do this on all four sides. 

Step #4: Get Taping!
Tape the sides of your towel onto the underside of the hammock with your packing tape. I had to then cut down the top and bottom of my towel so that it didn't get all bulky. Tape the top and bottom onto the back as well. Once you have those taped, put two more strips of packing tape along the ends of the hammock for more support. 

Step #5: Adding Suction
The hammock is going to hang sideways, so gather the two pieces of string on either end and knot them together as shown. How long they are depends on the size of your tank and how high you want the hammock to hang. Fezz is uncoordinated so I wanted it to hang a little lower. Once those knots are complete, lie the suction cup in front of them and place a double knot over the other side of the suction cup. This completes your mounting mechanism. 

Step #6: Hang and Enjoy!

Hope you liked this project! I know Fezz did!