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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas Tree Gift Tags

Felt Christmas Tree Homemade Gift Tags!
If there are two things I love in life, its giving gifts and procrastinating from studying. SO, what's better than combining the two?! Yes, I should surely have been studying neurobiology.. but everyone deserves a little break, right??

And yes, posting these 2 months after Christmas! Oh well!

You will need:

 - Green Felt

-  Scrapbook paper - a neutral color

-  White thread and a needle

-  Elmer's glue stick

-  Ribbon

-  Pen

-  Superglue (optional)

Step #1: Cut out a piece of felt in the shape of a semicircle:

Step #2: Practice folding the piece of felt on your piece of scrapbook paper until the little tree looks the way you like! This way you won't have to take any sewing out later to fix things:

Step #3Start sewing the bottom of the semicircle onto the piece of scrapbook pound paper. I had already punched my scrapbook paper:

Step #4: Fold the free part of the felt semicircle to the right and start sewing on the next tier:

Step #5: Fold the next free part of the semicircle to the left and start sewing on the next tier:

Step #6: Now there are two choices… I sewed up into the tip of the tree a little bit before folding over the last tier to keep the tree more secure on the paper. You could also just fold the tier over and then add a bit of superglue under that flap to keep it secure on the rest of the tree. I’ve found that superglue does rather nicely on felt. 

 Step #7: If you’re anything like me, there will be an absolute mess on the flip side after sewing the tree on:

 Step #8: Not a worry!! Just take another piece of paper and glue it on the back! I used a white index card because I was running low on pound paper, but the same color paper would make the tag look a little more professional:

Step #9: Write on your “To:” and “From:”, add the ribbon and you’re done!!!

The whole project took me about 10-15 minutes. And the trees kept getting better looking the more I made. This was definitely a fun, easy, and cheap way to make tags for gifts!! 

Hope you liked the step-by-step!

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