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I'm just a veterinary student sharing my craft projects! It's nice to push studying aside and do something creative once in a while!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fast and Easy Fall Wreath!

It's fall, yay!! And I really don't want to study!! So what else is there to do? Craft, obviously!!

I've been immersed in fall pins recently on pinterest (procrastinating, mostly) and thought hey, some of these wreaths look easy! Then, while on my way to the craft store to get some stuff for Halloween costumes, I noticed a huge crop of bittersweet right outside my condo! Score!!

Here is the Finished Product:

This was literally one of the easiest projects I have ever done - it took less than 20 minutes to do, AND it cost less than $20!!

What you need:
- One of those twig wreaths from the craft store (look here) ~$10
- One fall-y stalk of silk leaves from the craft store (like these) ~$5
- Bittersweet
- Scissors

How I did it:
I don't have pics of assembly because this was the easiest thing ever! I cut a bunch of bittersweet stems off the bushes in front of my condo, and cut a bunch of smaller pieces of leaves off my silk decorators stalk from the craft store. Then I just shoved them into the twig wreath until I got to something that looked nice to me. There's nothing more to it!!