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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yarn Wreath: Spring Edition

I've been seeing these all over the place lately, and just had to give it a try! This was a fun and easy project that was actually pretty cheap, too! (<$20!)

What You'll Need:
  • A foam wreath
  • A skein of your favorite yarn
  • Felt - any color, as much as you like
  • A glue gun and glue sticks
  • A piece of ribbon

Step 1: Wrap, wrap, and wrap more!
This is by far the step that takes the absolute longest. All you have to do is keep wrapping the wreath with yarn. Use your entire skein! If you arm isn't tired by the end of this, you ain't doin' it right!! I made the first wrap pretty tight so it would cover the foam wreath completely. All subsequent layers were looser to show off the twisted yarn I chose. 

After one layer

After 5 layers!

Step #2: Make your flowers
I found all of these flower styles on Pinterest, so I'm sure there are much better tutorials out there. I tried to put the steps together in picture format, hopefully that helps a bit! For the two pink flowers, I used a CD to cut out circles from my felt. For the purple ones I just cut a 2" strip off the end of the felt. When wrapping, just stick a bit of hot glue every now and then so they stay together. These were the most fun out of the whole project!

Pink flowers

Purple flowers

Cream flowers!

Step #3: Glue the flowers on!
Arrange them however you like! Just add a generous amount of hot glue and go to town!

Step #4: Hanging! And an extra tip....
To hang the wreath I used a piece of white ribbon I had laying around and one of those plastic hook things upside down on the back of the door (like this). BE VERY CAREFUL when hanging... DO NOT DROP your wreath or it will end up looking like the one below. That was my first attempt at this project :(. I guess they say practice makes perfect so I had to give it another go! 

Hope you enjoyed this quick project!! Thanks for viewing!!